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What people are saying about DOCS

"Sandie is by far the #1 Canadian guru in dental practice management. The plethora of her knowledge in the business of dentistry is unsurpassed by any other dental consultant. What makes her unique, is her ability to identify and prioritize your needs and communicate effective strategies to implement the necessary changes to make things happen in a positive way for your team and your practice. I have known her for over 10 years and have the ability to comment that she is hard-working, creative, ethical and has the highest of integrity. I highly recommend her courses and her as a consultant for your dental practice."

          Dr. James Noble BSc, DDS, MSC, FRCD(C)

“Once again I'd like to thank you for conducting such an excellent and enlightening course.  I can honestly say that I haven't learned so much since the 4 years of dental school.  Your course should be considered a prerequisite to purchasing a dental practice. I will certainly recommend it to those I know who are interested in starting their own practices.”  

                                                   Dr. Dina Ghobrial

“You are a pleasure to listen to and an absolute treasure trove of knowledge, wisdom, tact and patience (and not necessarily in that order as the needs arose).  You demonstrated great flexibility as "learning opportunities" presented and I am confident that we are all the richer for them.  Thank you for providing us with a great role model! “  

                                      Dolly McIntosh, Manager

“This course should be offered to all dental professionals, including hygienists.” 

                                         Tamara Kreivens, RDH

“I have been looking around for many years for a course like this.  Sandie is extremely knowledgeable and has experienced many if not all the situations we have come across in our offices.  I highly recommend this course to not only office managers but DENTISTS also. I enjoyed the “open forums” where we were encouraged to discuss problems and solutions that arise in our day to day operations.”

“This course provided educated answers to difficult and challenging questions. I have already reduced my accounts receivable!”

“I changed my policy and now I have fewer no shows and short notice cancellations.  It really works!”

“Thank you for helping me improve my business sense and communication”

“I have taken numerous continuing education courses throughout Canada and the USA and I have yet to attend on that has a much relevance to my practice such as “The Business of Dentistry” seminars.”

“Very informative, excellent presentation and a very knowledgeable speaker…”

“Intimate venue allowed exchange of ideas and suggestions…”

“I would recommend this lecture…when I arrived I was nervous and when I left I felt more confident.”

“I wish this course was included in my 4th year dental school program.”

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