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Learn how to grow your practice

At DOCS we equip you with the tools and training you need to take your practice to the next level. With our dental hygienist programs, participants may work at their own pace at a time that is most convenient to them. Each session is a 2-hour instructor lead session through “Go to Training”. Course material will be sent to the participants by courier and will include a USB key that contains all documents and forms discussed during the course. These forms may be easily customized for your office.

In order to grow a practice, it is more important than ever to offer services that patients are truly interested in and have dental hygiene programs in place to provide those services, in a warm friendly environment. Part of our mission here at Dental Office Consulting Services is to encourage the entire dental practice to ‘get off the recall treadmill’ by providing the treatment that patients need and want, while at the same time, improving hygiene productivity and profitability.

We help you to implement a patient centered, Prescribed Hygiene Therapy Program which improves patients’ health, develops patient relationships and motivates the entire team.

As you know, patients are far more consumer savvy than they used to be. We as dental professionals, cannot continue to do the same things we have always done and expect different results. Today’s dental practice needs to be positioned to embrace change, which leads to growth.

How many of your patients show up for their “cleaning” with gums that bleed and pockets that are well beyond a healthy level? Are you doing a regular recall for them?

We have a moral, ethical, legal responsibility to assess, diagnose and treat periodontal disease, properly. But…where do you start?

At DOCS, we will assist you with everything from improving communication skills to streamlining treatment planning and creating happy, loyal patients who refer others!

The expert coaching and ongoing support, both live and on-line, ensures that everyone on the team is confident and competent in their role.

Let us get the right solution working for your practice!

Prescribed Hygiene Therapy Program


  • Implement a patient centered periodontal therapy program
  • Develop your patient relationship to motivate and inspire them
  • Turn hygiene downtime into productive time
  • Provide appropriate care and bill accordingly
  • Streamline and ensure accurate record keeping
  • Quality assurance coaching included
  • Treat the patient and not the insurance plan
  • learn how to provide an effective case presentation with confidence and much more………


  • Reduce or eliminate no shows and short notice cancellations
  • Develop trust and rapport with your patient
  • Learn how to work with and around insurance companies
  • Enjoy consistency in communications throughout the office
  • Learn the points of influence in the service cycle of dentistry
  • How to answer difficult questions with great answers
The DOCS Hygiene Program consists of 4 visits to your office for implementation.



Fee: $4,595.00 + HST


Being Safety Complaint is a Smart Practice

Book your mandatory Health and Safety Awareness Training, WHMIS training, IPAC Infection Prevention and Control, and Accessibility Standards Training today!


Occupational Health & Safety Systems Program

It is mandatory for all employers to ensure all workers and supervisors have completed an Occupational Health and Safety Awareness training program.

Is your Health and Safety program ready? If not, we can help. We have done the work for you by offering Health and Safety Policies and Procedures for Dental Offices plus your Awareness training.

Health and Safety Complete System for Dental Offices includes:
  • Policies that are fully customized for your office
  • A USB key containing all appropriate documentation cataloged for ease of use and much more
  • Health and Safety Awareness Training Session (approx. 2 hours in length)
  • Ongoing support for your Health and Safety Representative or Joint Health and Safety Committee
  • A complete Infection Control Manual

Total Fee: $1,995.00 plus HST

The Binder or the Awareness Training Session may be purchased separately at

Total Fee: $995.00 plus HST


Get in office WHMIS TRAINING (2015 Global Harmonized System) for $595.00 plus HST when you purchase the complete DOCS Health and Safety Awareness System.
For just WHMIS TRAINING $795.00 plus HST

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