For Office Managers & Receptionists

Learn how to grow your practice

At DOCS we equip you with the tools and training you need to take your practice to the next level. Participants may work at their own pace at a time that is most convenient to them. Each session is a 2-hour instructor lead session through “Go to Training”. Course material will be sent to the participants by courier and will include a USB key that contains all documents and forms discussed during the course. These forms may be easily customized for your office.

Dental Practice Manager – 12 Online Sessions

***Now Includes Occupational Health and Safety Standards for Dental Offices****

This program will assist Dentists and Dental Practice Managers to achieve standards of operational effectiveness and professional excellence by understanding the principles of business management.

  • Marketing and Advertising in Dentistry — Principles of Customer Service in Dentistry
  • Human Resources Management — Hiring for Success and Keeping the Good Ones
  • Financial Analysis — Daily Operating Policies & Protocols — Budgets
  • Business Office Effectiveness — Essentials for Practice Management
  • Health and Safety Policies & Procedures for Dental Offices

Tuition Fee : $2,265.00Inc. tax, shipping & handling

Dental Treatment Co-ordinator – 10 Online Sessions

This course has been designed for dental assistants, receptionists or auxiliary staff members as tools to present the best possible treatment options to their patients.

  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Treatment Co-ordinator
  • Tools and Job Aids, Treatment Planning Sheets, Coding and Sequencing of Appointments
  • How to Perform a Case Presentation and Improve Case Acceptance
  • Understanding the Psychology of Patient Motivation and Your Communication Style
  • Effective Case Presentations — Make Effective Financial Arrangements
  • Overcome Prejudgments and Break Free of the Insurance Trap
  • Close the Sale with Confirmed Appointments and A Financial Commitment

Tuition Fee : $1,365.00Inc. tax, shipping & handling

Dental Receptionist – 16 Online Sessions

This 16-week program will take employees who do not have a dental background and teach them all of the basics of working on the front line of busy dental offices.

  • Effective Patient Communication Skills
  • Records Management
  • Tooth Identification and Numbering Systems
  • Oral Structures and Facial Anatomy Telephone Skills
  • Financial Controls — How to Manage the Accounts Receivable
  • Written Communications — The Write Stuff
  • Preventive Dentistry and Oral Pathology
  • Continuing Care Systems
  • Effective Appointment Scheduling
  • Lingual Lingo – Translating Dental Terms to Common Language
  • Everything you need to know about Dental Insurance

Tuition Fee : $1,776.00Inc. tax, shipping & handling

Being Safety Compliant is a Smart Practice

Book your mandatory Health and Safety Awareness Training, WHMIS training, IPAC Infection Prevention and Control, and Accessibility Standards Training today!


Occupational Health & Safety Systems Program

It is mandatory for all employers to ensure all workers and supervisors have completed an Occupational Health and Safety Awareness training program.

Is your Health and Safety program ready? If not, we can help. We have done the work for you by offering Health and Safety Policies and Procedures for Dental Offices plus your Awareness training.

Health and Safety Complete System for Dental Offices includes:
  • Policies that are fully customized for your office
  • A USB key containing all appropriate documentation catalogued for ease of use and much more
  • Health and Safety Awareness Training Session (approx. 2 hours in length)
  • Ongoing support for your Health and Safety Representative or Joint Health and Safety Committee
  • A complete Infection Control Manual

Total Fee : $1,995.00 plus HST

The Binder or the Awareness Training Session may be purchased separately at

Total Fee : $995.00 plus HST


Get in office WHMIS TRAINING (2015 Global Harmonized System) for $595.00 plus HST when you purchase the complete DOCS Health and Safety Awareness System.
For just WHMIS TRAINING $795.00 plus HST

New Human Resources Consulting Package.

Building the Dream Team: How to hire well and keep the good ones.

Is Your Office Compliant with the Employment Standards Act?

DOCS can help!


Human Resources Consultation Package

We can implement your Human Resources System in just 2 – 3 visits to your office. There is no need to hire a consultant for an extended length of time and you have no further obligation to use DOCS’ services.

This one time offer includes:
  • Meet individually with your staff members
  • Implement customized job descriptions
  • Implement employment agreements with new and existing staff
  • Organize and complete employee performance reviews
  • Create a Customized Employee Policies Manual

The complete Human Resources in Dentistry manual is customized for your office. A USB key that contains all Human Resources documentation such as incident report forms, job descriptions, the Performance Management System, and much more.

The total investment for this service is $3,975.00 + HST

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